Winter season
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay Winter season-How to dress in Russia in winter

Winter is the season some countries experience a very low temperature and snow. Russia is one of the countries that experiences winter and is perceived to be the coldest country in the world because of the very low temperatures recorded.

So in this blog, I’ll explain extensively in detail how to dress properly in Russia during winter. And also how to stay warm during this time. Also, I’ll tell you how to choose the appropriate winter wears and some personal tips that will also be of value to you.

During winter in Russia as we have mentioned above is a very cold season. I would say icing season. Temperatures at this time fall below -25°c to -28.5°c degrees centigrade, even can hit -37°c. And at this time some rivers in Russia freezes up and people can walk and skate on it. With this you’ll know what I mean by Russia is cold.

Let me leave you a little secrete, the city of Yakutsk is the coldest city in Russia, and in the world, its average temperature is a record of 41 Fahrenheit/41°c degree centigrate.

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List of must-have winter season accessories

Winter Jacket for the winter season

The winter jacket should not just be any winter jacket. The winter jacket should be suitable for winter. Not all winter jackets in the market can protect you from the breezy Russian winter. So care must be taken in selecting proper winter jackets from 100’s of varieties and brands available in the market. Lots to choose from.

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Sweatshirts (Winter Season)

Sweatshirt is also very handy during the winter season. This should be made of thick cotton material and properly lined on the inside which would be helpful in keeping the body warm during the winter season.

Black Singlet (Under wear)

This also come in handy. Technically Black colors attracts heat from the surrounding. So wearing a black under wear singlet will be helpful in attracting heat to your body during the winter season.

Sweat Pants and Jeans to be worn in the winter season

The jeans should be specifically made for winter. It should be lined from the inside with wooly material. And also it is advisable to wear men’s leggings inside before wearing jean trousers. Thick cotton trousers or sport tracks can also be worn in place of the jeans.

Thick Wool cap

This should also be made of a thick wool. It should also be able to prevent penetration of cold air.

Thick stockings

Thick stockings shouldn’t be neglected. Sometimes you can double it depending on the weather and temperature at the time you’re dressing up to go out. But I’d advise dressing appropriately. One thing I do not trust in Russia is the weather. The weather can a bit confusing and switch at any time to be too colder than expected.

Winter season footwear

A shoe well designed to handle winter should be one of your companions. These shoes are often lined from the inside with animal furs or fleece. This helps to keep your toes and legs warn from freezing.


A warm flask is necessary if you’re traveling a long distance you’ll need to often take warm tea to keep your system at optimum. If you’re like me that don’t like inconveniences, then you need to just have a little change in your wallet to buy tea or coffee. Tea and coffee shops can be easily found anywhere you’re in Russia.

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How to choose the appropriate jackets for the winter season

Winter jackets come in different forms, brands, and prices. So to choose a better winter jacket across different prices isn’t going to be easy if you’re not experienced.

I was like that when I moved to Russia and Russians. I went to buy winter wears and my Russian friends were helping me choose what suits the Russian winter. But I was ignorant to pick stylish stuff that looks good in my eyes. It was until winter came that’s when I got to understand why they were telling me the ones to choose for winter. So I was told in winter Russian don’t put fashion much into consideration. What they consider most is to dress appropriately and not catch a cold.

So right here I will help you understand what to look out for when choosing a winter wear.

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My winter season dressing tips

This is a little tip from my experience, This will help you a lot in the long run.
How I dress
I wear a dark singlet. Then a football jersey or any Silky shirt, and a sweater before wearing the winter jacket. Technically, when the jersey or the silky T-shirt rubs in between the black singlet and the wooly sweater it produces energy in the forms of heat trapped in between. Then the winter jacket will prevent cold air from entering your body.

This same technique is what I apply to protect my head from cold during winter in Russia. I put on a silky swimming cap, followed by a thick wool cap. This combination will produce heat and keep your head warm during the winter season.

For my foot, I often wear lighter stockings made of wool, then double it with thick wooly stockings. The shoe is also lined on the inside with furs. and this helps to produce heat to keep your legs warm during the winter season.

Also, a thick woolen neck-tie or a lighter should be wrapped around your neck. This will prevent cold from entering your body through the neck.

For women you can wear a turtle-necked wool sweater to cover you neck just like the lady in the photo below. Men can also wear turtled-neck sweaters inside before putting on the winter jacket.

How to dress in Russia during winter season
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay Winter season

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