The Dacha: where Russians Disappear to in Summer And How They Spend It

Photo credit: Austeen James. Typical Russian (Dacha) Summer House.

Dacha! Dacha!! Dacha!! If you sit with Russian for a while in a discussion, you’ll definitely hear them speak about going to the dacha to rest on weekends or days off from work and their house in the cities.

A dacha in English translations is a countryside home/house. Most people refer to it as a summer house, a village house; in my country Nigeria we call it a village house.

In Russian language “country home,” is referred to as Dacha, or sometimes pronounced as Dachu, which normally a wooden or brick house set apart meters away from the big cities.

A person, who hasn’t lived the village lifestyle before, would be curious why Russian seems to love to spend their weekends, spring, and summertime in the country house (Dacha).

Having a dacha is a basic necessity for Russians and it is part of the Russian lifestyle and they’re kin to it. Their’s lots of fun one can derive resting in your country home.

The construction of a Dacha Dacha Arenda doesn’t cost a fortune, but this is dependent on the taste and features of the dacha one desire to build in the village.

Spring in Russia naturally spans through the 1st of March, and through April to the 31st of May. During these seasonal times, Russia experiences mild cold weather, until the month of April.

Temperatures in March can be between 0°c (32°F) to -8 (18°F)degrees in the morning, and about +9°c to +15°c in the afternoon and gradually falls in the evening.

The weather in Month of April could be on the minimum of +1 degree (34 °F) while May has comes with the minimum temperature +8° c (46°F) and a Maximum of about +19°c (66°F)

The weather can be cold in the morning, briskly warm in the afternoon most times a strong cold wind that makes it almost impossible to feel the intensity of the radiation from the sun, cold at night. Rain is mostly brief with soft rumbles.

Spring to Russians is like oxygen to life, every Russian gasp for it in preparation to spend their time and leisure at their various country homes (Dacha).

Summer spans through the month of June to August. Temperature in June +11° c ( 52° F) degrees to 21 degrees (70°F), this year July 2020 we experienced a temperature rise up to 29°c (84.2°F) -30°c (86°F), in August temperature can be from +12°c (53.6°F) to +22° c (71.6°F).

In Russia, a country home, or a country house is referred to as “Dacha” which normally is set apart meters away from the big cities.

Also at this time, the nursery-garden flower business receives lots of orders, as Russians visit the nearest nursery-garden store of their choice to buy flowers, ready to transplant them on their cottage garden.

Video: What Russians do on a sunny day

How Russians Spend their time on a sunny Summer day

Here are the reasons why Russians love to spend spring and summertime in the dacha and what they do.

Fresh air and serenity

Everyday human activities, noise from train stations (Metro Stations), private, public taxi’s, trucks and companies in the cities create a certain level of pollution.

Over the weekend I often experienced traffic hold-ups on major roads in Russia. This shows how much Russians troops to their various country homes to spend their weekends away from the busy and noisy cities.

The country homes provide the environment for a breath of fresh air, serene environment, nature at its fullest, a good time to listen to good music, meeting families and friends.

At night listen to the birds’ sing, the clattering of leaves from the trees, and a feel of the currents of fresh sea breeze soothing to the skin.

The Dacha is definitely a home where Russians rest and pulls the body and soul together.

Swimming in the River

Whenever the weather becomes hot during the summertime, Russians troops in large numbers with their families, friends, and relatives to the nearest safe-to-swim river close to their summer houses to swim and sit under for a sunbath.

Photo Credit: Austeen James. Russian on a hot summer weekend at the River. Location Novaleksandrovo, Moscow Region, Russia

Speed Boating, water Skating, and Fishing

During the weekend in the summertime people who love speed-boating, water-skating, fishing for fun are seen doing what they love doing and having fun.

Mowing the lawns at the Dacha

Mowing the lawns is also one of the things or reason why Russians love spending spring and summertime in the Dacha

Spring naturally presents trees and lawns favorable environment to flourish as trees that shed their leaves during winter begin to reproduce new leaves again and cherries also produce blossoms at this time.

During this period of time, the lawns also quickly overgrows and needs to be mowed at least ones a week.

Planting vegetables and flowers

Flowers are undeniably beautiful, unique, attractive plants, and comes in different varieties. Everyone has in one way expressed their undeniable love for beautiful and attractive flowers and Russians are not exceptional in expressing their inseparable love for unique and beautiful flowers.

It is very common in Russia, it seems to have infused deeply into the fabrics of the Russian culture passed on from generation to generation.

Russians often plant beautiful flowers in their country homes Dacha, and it isn’t difficult to notice the flower pots sitting on the base of the windows and on the corners of the floor

In fact, if I have to visit a Russian friend for the first time and found no single flower pot, I would have to think it isn’t a Russian home.

Russians also preserve seeds from some special flowers. Also, cucumber, raspberry, tomato seeds are bought from the everyday grocery stores for planting during spring.

Meat grilling, Champagne and Vino

Photo Credit: Austeen James. Photo Location: Novaleksandrovo

There’s a saying;

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

After when all the country home chores are done, Russian’s normally chills out on a round table meeting with families and friends which is also a Russian tradition that cannot be short-changed.

The table is decorated with grilled meats, Shaslik, Irish Potatoes Katoshka, green vegetables all sorts of varieties of foods. If there isn’t a bottle of Vino or Champaign then the nationality of the round-table members is questionable.

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