$5 dollars and what it can buy for you in Moscow.

Often times, questions from tourists wanting to visit Russia, often have the general thoughts that Moscow is very expensive.

Meanwhile, this isn’t generally true.

In planing a travel to any country likewise, to Russia their’s always a worrisome questions that would come to mind.

Similarly, questions like this are often asked;

Firstly, after receiving tons of these questions from my friends, readers, and questions from Quora, I became inspired to make a little research on what $5 dollars can buy in Moscow and it’s regions.

During the time of researching and writing this article, the exchange rate of the dollar to ruble stands at 72.6 Ruble.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ruble to the dollar stands at 0.014 dollar.

Secondly, i took out $5 dollars from my wallet exchanged it to the Russian Ruble which is 5*72.6= 363 Russian Rubles.

So, I made a list of what to buy with $5.00 dollars, and set out to the nearest (Magazen) dixy one of the renowned leading grocery shops (Magazen) in Russia.

And I headed straight to the product shelves to pick up the items I need. Certainly, having it at the back of my mind to round off at exactly what $ 5 dollars can buy in Moscow, Russia.

The items i picked from the product shelf in dixy are in the photo below;

What $5 dollars can buy in Moscow

Photo credit: Austeen James For African in Russia
Itemsprice/unit in RubQty. PriceTotal in Dollars
2 bottles of Beer, In Russian Pevo (пиво),39.90₽79.80₽$1.1172USD
1 Pringles109.90₽109.90₽$1.5386USD
2 liters of Lemon and Lime Flavoured Sprite111.99₽111.99₽$1.56786 USD
400g of Aromatic Bread (хлеб ароматный)47.99₽47.99₽$0.67186USD
Custom Package (пакет-майка дикси)4.99₽4.99₽$0.06986USD
TOTAL PRICE314.77₽354.67₽$4.96538USD
Table of what 5 dollars can buy you in Russia

From the table above, you can certainly see that the total price of all the items i was able to buy was under 5 dollars.

Therefore, the total amount of the items bought without discount (Skedka) is $4.96538 USD the remaining balance of $0.03462USD.

At the Cashiers Desk in Dixy Dolgoprudnyy


Photo: African in Russia. Receipt of what 5 dollars can buy you in Russia
Photo: African in Russia. Receipt of what 5 dollars can buy you in Russia

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So, If we multiply $0.03462 by the exchange rate of a dollar to rubles as at the time of writing this article, we would have 2.513412 Rubles.

However, for Russians, they’ll take the coin home put it in a flowerpot or somewhere in the house. It is believed to usher in Udachi, in other words, it means good luck.

Photo Credit: African in Russia Coins in the flowerpot.
Photo Credit: African in Russia Coins in the flowerpot.

Certainly, all of the above listed items is what 5 dollars can buy for you in Moscow, Russia.

Though there’s a long list of items on the product shelves one can pick from. But for the sake of the quick research, I had to pick what I needed.

However, a person who most often depends on fast food, I’d say $ 5 dollars will take him/her a long way in Russia.

Likewise, many people often asks me;

“What can you buy with 1 dollar in Russia?”

In the same vein, with 73 rubles you have a list full of varieties of choices to pick one or two items that can sum up to 73rub. But if you have a discount card (Skedka), that’s a win-win shopping.

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  1. I never believed 5 dollars still worth valuable somewhere in the world. Here in Nigeria it can buy something but not really as much as it can buy in Russia.

    Good one Altogether!

  2. In my country, $5 dollars can also buy you reasonable Items. Like you can get a liter of milk for less than a dollar. Big mack for $ 1 dollar, Bottle of coke for a dollar and 50cents, bottled water for less than a dollar. So I would say if you have 5 dollars on you you'd definitely be on the go.

  3. In my country, there aren't many things $ 5 dollar can do. That's just 5 litres of petrol and $ 5 dollars is finished.

  4. Hey, Austeen James I have been following and reading Your article about Russia since I saw your article about how you "spent 90 days in the Russian dacha," and "African in Russia my experience so far."

    I'm hoping someday I'd visit Russia and experience the dacha life too.

    Nice keep it coming

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