Top 3 taxi best taxi service in Moscow

Moscow is a very unique city in Russia, fascinating that one undeniably gets hypnotized by its ecstatic’s and driven to visit beautiful and notable sites in Moscow. 

Russia is the largest country in the World, and Moscow, making the list of the largest cities in the world, the most populous city in Europe and Eurasia, which has large distances and super opportunities, cutting across politics, business, economy, culture, and science, presents the need for taxi services to aid people to travel long distances in a short time in Russia.

Top 3 affordable taxi services in Moscow.

1. Yandex taxi Service

Yandex Taxi, Top 3 best taxi services in Mosow
Yandex taxi

No doubt, Yandex taxi is a leading taxi service company in Russia and has its operations extended to other countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kazakhstan Latvia, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.

Yandex taxi is an online booking service; one can easily order a taxi service from the comfort of their homes, current locations from their mobile phone using the Yandex taxi mobile application or by simply calling the mobile number of the dispatcher.

The customer has the ability to choose the type, appearance, and condition of the car he/she wishes to order, and the delivery is served quickly to customer from the nearest driver closest to the customer. Flexible and fast, the tariff is metered per Kilometre and theirs tariff on waiting time.

Cost of 1km —–8Ruble, cost for 1 minute—–6Ruble, for waiting customers only have to pay for waiting time when it exceeds the 8mins grace period.

Yandex mobile app is available for Android, Google, Windows, and Apple Iphone.

2. InDriver Taxi Service

InDriver Best Taxi Services in Moscow
InDriver taxi

Indrive is another taxi service in Russia, which offers customers the flexibility of control to decide over the price of their trip. The cost of the trip is independent of the closed algorithm of the taxi services.

Indrive is preferable on medium and long distance trip. For short trips up to 380 Ruble, tested suggestions say; it’s preferable to use Yandex Taxi, Gett, Citymobil and Uber.

Indrive provides customers the flexibility to save money on the long and medium trips in Moscow, during the wee hours when the fare of other taxi service has gone higher than 380 Ruble. It boosts of Verified drivers, customers are presented with the flexibility to choose any of the drivers from the mobile application during the process of ordering a taxi.

Also on the App, Customers are presented with a security button which creates the flexibility for customers to easily share to their families and friends the Drivers full data including the vehicles information, route and current location.

Mobile application is available on Androids, Window phones Google Phones and Apple IPhones.

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3. City mobile Taxi Service

Best Taxi Services in Moscow
City mobile taxi

Citymobil is another leading Taxi service in Russia. It operates on a fixed metered tariff using a taximeter and provides customers with a multiple choice of categories of Taxi services to choose from; Economy, Standard, Comfort, Comfort Plus, Business, Minivan M, Minivan L, and Minivan XL affordable fixed metered tariff (taximeter) per km.

Citymobil also includes additional services like Pet carriage, Baby seat, and door to door services.

Mobile Application is available on Androids, Window phones, Google Phones and Apple IPhones.

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