The local Nigerian drink Zobo is a common traditional beverage in Nigeria.

It is a very popular house hold name in Nigeria. That is to say, that it is very affordable.

The local Nigerian drink zobo is a derivative of Rosselle flower Hibiscus habdariffa. Nonetheless, Rosselle flower is a specie of Hibiscus which native to East and West Africa.

Clearly, this is the reason why it is common and affordable in Nigerian space.

Nevertheless, the drink made from the dried Roselle flowers is referred to as “zobo” in Nigeria.

in Ghana Rosselle juice it is known as sobolo.

Whereas in Russia such similar drink is known as ‘compote.’

Although, the Russians do not make use of the Rosselle flowers in making it’s traditional drink, ‘compote.’

The Nigerian zobo drink is made by boiling the dried form of the Rosselle flowers in a reasonable volume of water for 10 minutes.

In addition, sugar or pineapple, garlic, ginger, is to enhance the quality and taste of the drink.

Furthermore, after boiling, it allow to cool. After cooling, sieve the preparation.

Next, place the juice in a refrigerator. No doubt, the best taste is when chill.

The Russian Compote

On the other hand, Russians makes use of variety of fruits in making compote. Unlike, the Nigerian local drink, ‘zobo‘, which is from the dry Hibiscus flowers, Rosselle.

Nonetheless, compote is also a household name in the Russia. It is so traditional and a morning fix for the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin drink compote- the Russian local drink
Picture: Putin Russia’s President taking break fast (ZAVTRAKAT)

The introduction of the word ‘compote’ in Russia was in the 18th century. Since then compote became part of the Russia’s tradition. Also, of Eastern Europe.

Conversely, the Russian traditional drink is from varieties of fruits.

Compote is undeniably a traditional drink in Russia. It is affordable and easy to prepare at home.

Homemade Russian Compote
Photo Credit: Austeen James for African in Russia

Edible Fruits Russians use in making Compote similar to Nigeria’s local drink Zobo.

How to prepare the Russian traditional drink ‘compote.’

Get the fruit you desire to us, wash them and keep ready.

If you’re going to use apple make sure to slice them in four’s

Put water Into the cooking untensil as you desire.

Allow the water to boil, then put the apples or any of the fruits you desire to use into the boiling water.

Add sugar as your taste desire and allow to boil for 10 minutes.

Allow to cool, then dispense the juice into bottle and preserve in a refrigerator.

Homemade Russian traditional drink
Photo: Austeen James . Description: Home-made Russian compote from green Apples

The compote in the picture above is white because it is made from green Apples. But can be red, if red currants are present during the boiling process.

Red Compote
Photo: Austeen James for African in Russia

Note: 2 or more fruits can be boiled at the same time to make compote.

Additionally, one can grapes to further enhance the quality and taste of the compote.

In conclusion, there isn’t much difference in between the Russian traditional drink and the Nigerian local drink.

The difference lies only on the main ingredient (Active).

There’s little difference in colour; the nigerian local drink ‘zobo’, has a darker red colouration, while the Russian compote is lighter.

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Although, The Russian drink cab be very dark red depending on the fruits mixtures or currants used in the process.

Taste: There isn’t much difference in the taste of compote and zobo. Besides, tastes depend on the brewer and it recipe.

Though, if Russians also makes use of the dry Hibiscus flower in making it’s traditional drink, it will still be seen as compote.

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