Amazing facts about Russia, what are they?

People often ask;

What are the amazing fact about Russia?

Is Russian amazing?

Is anything really amazing about Russia?

But, amazingly, Russia is an amazing country, historically, culturally and socially you just need a visit to be convinced.

But for the case of specificity, i’d streamline this topic to detail the amazing historical facts i found about Russia.

Yes! Russia is amazing country, But nobody will tell you that which makes Russia one of the most amazing countries.

Without further ado, pour yourself a cup of warm coffee strap your seat belt while I cruise you through the amazing facts about Russia.

It’s going to worth your time.

Amazing facts about Russia

Today, most People indeed, often refer to Russia as European. To be specific enough, Russia is a Eurasian country.

This means in other words, a country that cuts across Europe and Asia.

Similarly, people oftentimes refer to modern Russia as the USSR. Whereas, Russia was just one of the countries in the Soviet Union.

When infact, 15 countries formed the Soviet union.

The countries is as follows;

Russia runs on a federal system of government. Also, a Presidential system of government.

Each region is overseen by a governor. While, the have Mayors oversee the cities in their regions

Indeed, Russia is the largest country in the world by landmass.

Owing to that, a reasonable portion has a large forest of trees. Equally, placing Russia as the world largest producer of timber.

Further, Moscow is the largest city in Europe and of the most visited cities in Europe and Eurasia.

On the other hand, Russia is secular country. But predominantly Orthodox.

Also, Russia comprises 185 ethnic groups.

Moreover, Russia is the 5th largest Economy in Europe. Also, the 5th largest purchasing power in the world, a’d 11th largest in nominal GDP.

1. Seat of power

Just like the seat of Power in Nigeria is in the center of Nigeria. Called Aso rock.

America’s seat of power is called the white house.

So in that manner, Russia’s seat of political power is in the center of Moscow.

It’s called the Kremlin!

2. Military techs and firepower

In contrast, Russia is home to one of the world’s largest military powers. Also, a leader in the world’s military technology company.

Additionally, Russia is birth home of AK-47. It is also named after the inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Also, Russia is one of the world leaders in Nuclear arsenals and air space security technology.

3. Industry, science & tech

Aero Industry

Russia is a leading key player in the manufacturing of aircraft. They also manufacture key specific airplane parts for the American giant Boeing.

Russia has it’s own indigenous flight company, Aeroflot and more.

Space technology

The first man in space is a Russian- his name is Yuri Gagarin

Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman in space

Laika is the first animal to successfully orbit the earth.

Read: Laika the space dog-The biased stories told so far

4. National Holidays in Russia

May 9 in Russia is a holiday in remembrance of the victory day over the Nazi Germany,1945 in World war II.

Christmas in Russia is celebrated January 7th.

Nevertheless, Russia celebrates two New Year; New year on January 1. Also, the old New year base on the Julian calendar (Old style).

Russians often celebrates the old New year (Starri Novi god) on the 14th of January every year.

International women’s day is also a holiday in Russia often observed on the 8th of March every year.

Other amazing facts about Russia

Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg, Russia. Historically, the construction of the building that houses the museum started in 1754. Afterward, completed in 1762.

Presently, the museum is ranked 8th in worlds most visited museum.

Also, Kunstkamera – St. Petersburg, Russia. Is another World oldest Museum.

The Fighting Nation

The Chinese often refer to Russia as a fighting Nation. This isn’t translated into a hostile title but a dear admiration of the fearless and powerful Russians.

Here is an amazing fact why the Chinese refers to Russia as “The fighting nation.”

Russia is one the countries in the world that has experienced more wars more than any other country in the world.

Russia has been invaded by the Poles, French, British the Turks and Germans. But However, non of Russia’s invader was able to conquer Russia.

In other words Russia has suffered more wars that any other country on planet earth and resisted all through persistence.

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