Petersburg lost 70% of tourists due to the pandemic


Sergey Korneev, chairman of the city committee for tourism development, noted that the tourist flow decreased, among other things, due to the closure of borders and the massive cancellation of forums and business events St. Petersburg this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions were visited by 70% fewer tourists than last year. This was […]

Road Traffic Rules and regulations of driving in Russia

Traffic rules and regulations in Russia

Road traffic rules and regulations of driving in Russia aren’t that different from driving in other developed countries as far as you’re conversant or a geek behind the wheels you’re good to go. All you need is to get acquainted with the road traffic rules and regulations applicable to the Russian roads in line with […]

Russia’s golden visa scheme for foreigners

Russia's golden visa for foreigners

Russia’s golden visa for foreigners: The Russian government is planning to introduce a golden visa scheme, which will offer foreigners around the world to get a permanent residence permit in exchange for investing in the Russian economy, Report Source. Rights and Benefits of Russia’s Residence Permit Russian permanent residency permits give holders rights similar to Russian […]

Russia plans to create a biometric database to track serial criminals

Russia plans to create biometric database for both citizens and foreigners

Russia has just announced its plans to build a database that will help in identifying both citizens and foreign nationals via face recognition and fingerprint technology. This was published on the Russian state media TASS. The database structure is projected to include the biometric data of Russian citizens, stateless person’s and also foreign nationals will […]

Winter season: How to dress in Russia in winter

Winter season

Winter is the season some countries experience a very low temperature and snow. Russia is one of the countries that experiences winter and is perceived to be the coldest country in the world because of the very low temperatures recorded. So in this blog, I’ll explain extensively in detail how to dress properly in Russia […]

10 Android and Apple apps you’ll need while in Russia

10 Android and Apple apps

10 Android and Apple apps you’ll need while in Russia: If you’re preparing to travel to Russia either on vacation, tourism, or permanent migration, you really need to get conversant with these 10 Android and Apple Apps you’ll need while in Russia. Meanwhile, for the sake easiness we have put together our top 10 Android […]

10 things I realized living in Russia

10 things I realized living in Russia

If you haven’t traveled to Russia before, I bet on my life, you have heard a lot of what I call “weird phony stories,” about Russia that would sink your heart into your stomach. Yeah! I know what you’ve read and what you’re thinking right now. Sorry that the media made you believe that! But, […]