Steps to take when getting married to a Russian woman
Steps to take when getting married to a Russian woman Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Steps to take when getting married to a Russian woman in Russia can be out the lights of your knowledge. But that isn’t your fault, in this blog we have made it easy for you.

Theirs a saying; Love is a beautiful thing. No doubt about that.

So you have met a beautiful Russian woman, fell in love and agrees on getting married in Russia? Or are you curious to know what the steps to take in getting married to a Russian woman is like for a foreign national? This article will provide you all you need to know.

As a foreigner wanting to tie the node with another foreigner could present little difficulties in the processes if you aren’t conversant with the steps to take in getting married to a Russian woman or other nationals.

But in this article I’ll write in details based on my experience the steps i took in getting married to a Russia woman as a foreign national.

Experience has always been the better teacher. So sit back, relax and learn from my experience.

The steps I’m about to show you is applicable to grooms and the brides of foreign national who wants to marry a Russian national.

The necessary documents and steps to take in marrying a Russian woman

Note: you must pass a brief examination to prove you can understand and write the Russian Language. This is to checkmate that you understand yourself and won’t possibly have communication issues with your spouse which could possibly terminate the marriage.

Questions you might be asked at the marriage Registry

Question’s in EnglishQuestion’s in Russian
What’s your name?KAK VAM ZAVUT?
Where are you from?ATKUDA TY?
Where were you born?GDE TE RODILSYA?
What’s your mother’s maiden name?KAKAYA DEVICH’YA FAMILIYA TVOYEY MATERI?
Where do you live and what’s your address?GDE TY ZHIVESH’ i KAKOY TVOY ADRESS?
What’s the name of your bride and how old is she?KAK ZAVUT TVOYU NEVESTU E SKOL’KO YEY LET?
What’s the name of your bride’s mother?KAK ZAVUT TVOYU MAT’ NEVESTY?
Where did both of you meet?GDE VY OBA POZNAKOMILIS?
What’s your education?KAKOE U TEBYA OBRAZOVANIYE?

What’s your job?
How long have you people been together?SKOL’KO VY UZHE VMESTE?
What’s her favourite colour?KAKOY YEYE LYUBIMYY TSVET?
In the table above are some of the questions you might come across.

However, all these questions are necessary to ensure that you know your spouse and to prove to them that it isn’t a contract marriage to get Russian citizenship.

Moreover, the bride will also be asked the questions too.

Therefore, after you have passed these tests a date will be fixed for the wedding ceremony at the marriage registry reception hall.

On that day of the wedding ceremony, the groom and the spouse will make their vows, then proceed to sign the marriage registry. After that you’ll be issued the marriage certificate and then asked to kiss you bride.

Note: The decision is between the groom and the bride whether to invite friends and families or keep it low key. Afterwards, no one is going to hold prejudice over you for not inviting them.

Although, In my own case, it was just me and my spouse, the cameraman, and the Marriage registry representative. Although on that day when I had mine there were also other persons having their one wedding on that same day, With few people in attendance.

During the wedding ceremony, the people around me wished me well as they said to me and my Russian bride “Udachi,” which means Goodluck.

So far, all the steps can take not less than 2 – 3weeks.

Finally, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our contact channels we’ll be glad to hear from you and answer all your questions.



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