Social taboos could be a word, subject, or action that is collectively avoided or rejected for some personal, social, or religious reasons. Every country has a community or society built on either religious or social cultures and norms with some actions, words, and subjects considered taboo.

In medieval times people faced grave punishments, with possibilities of death sentences for saying a word, discussing a subject or carrying out an action that is considered a taboo against the religion, culture, and norms of the society. Apparently, in these modern times, people could face a social humiliation for breaking the taboo of a particular society or community anywhere in the world.

With all that being said above let’s jump into the common social taboos in Russia. It is important to know this, keep them at your fingertips, you definitely would need them while traveling in Russia as it will help you understand the Russian people, their culture and social lifestyle. Russia is a very beautiful country, lovely people, and fascinating aesthetic beauty.

The 16 common social taboos you’ll undoubtedly encounter in Russia

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