Russians drink more tea than alcohol
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Russians drink more tea than alcohol, but you must have had a session full of stories about Russians and their heavy alcohol consumption. No doubt, if you have, then you must have also come across news headlines, storylines, articles on blogs and social comments like;

But one thing that is clear is the majority of the world population does not know that statistical studies proved that Russians drink more tea than alcohol, rather they settle on the obsolete stereotype that Russians drink more alcohol than any other country.

In this article we have done our research work on the issue out of curiosity and we were able to draw conclusion contrary to the world’s view about Russia and alcoholism. The statistical google research proved that Russians drink more tea than alcohol.

The media scripted stereotype influenced the social perception which made it look like Russia is a nation of drunkards. Is the social perception right or wrong?

Continue reading, while I unleash a club of floodlights onto the reality behind the poorly shaded image of Russia and Alcohol.

When I first moved to Russia, I was curious about the stories, “Russians kin to Alcohol.” I thought I was going to see many of the Russian people consuming and abusing alcohol.

That’s how the stereotypes effectively got us all into believing Russians do nothing but drink alcohol all through the day, funny right? But this is not true.

What i experienced about the Russian people was a more advanced civilized approach in the consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

I’m yet to see or experience a rampant abuse of alcohol, I have not seen Russians drinking alcohol in during working hours, I have not encountered any Russian drinking and driving. In fact, drunk driving or drinking and driving in Russia are a fineable offense.

Russian’s drink alcohol, Vino, and Champagne occasionally, as I have experienced on so many occasions like;

Apart from all the notable days mentioned above, i experience Russians drinks more tea than alcohol.

Russian’s on a daily basis can drink tea more than 3 times. In fact, the majority of Russians start up the day with a cup of carefully brewed Armenian coffee, English tea, or tea suaced with local herbs.

I haven’t seen any Russian i know start up the day with one or 2 bottles of Vodka. Unbelievable right? Now you know!

Now let’s take a look at the global statistics of countries with the highest consumption of pure alcohol in relation to their population.

In 2018 Russia’s Population is at 144,438,554 and was ranked the third position in the world, amongst countries with the highest consumption of alcohol with Moldova at the top of the list and Belarus coming second on the list.

Moldova’s population in 2018 was 3,546 million, and the population of Belarus in 2018 was 9,485 million.

In 2019, Russia’s Population was 146,780,720 million people, and Russia was ranked 5th on the list of countries with the highest level of alcohol consumption.

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Belarus made it to No 1 on the list, Lithuania is second on the list Grenada, the Czech Republic and France are on the 4th position with Russia on the 5th Position.

In 2020, Russia’s population is 146,745,098 million, and it was ranked 6th in position. Belarus is at the top of the list, Lithuania is 2nd, Grenada 3rd, the Czech Republic on the 4th position, France occupied the 5th position and Russia at this time took a stand on 6th position of the countries with the highest consumption of pure alcohol in the world.

Analysis on statistical insight

Belarus’s Population 2020 is at 9,449,433 million people,

Lithuania’s population 2020, is 2,723,356 million people,

Grenada’s population in 2020 is at 112,512 thousand people,

Czech Republic’s population in 2020 is at 10,708,487 million people

France’s Population 2020 is at 65,268, 682 million people,

Russia’s Population in 2020 is at 146,745,098 people.

Russia has a very large population bigger than Belarus, Lithuania, Grenada, Czech Republic, and France. These countries with a very small population respectively consumed more pure alcohol than Russia.

Does it beat your imagination? I guess right, it did; but now you know with statistical facts rather hearsay facts.

In the 2016 statistics of countries that consumed the highest amount of tea per capita, Russia was on the 4th position after the United Kingdom, Turkey made the top list followed by Ireland. In 2020 Russia maintained its 4th position on the list of countries with the highest consumption of tea with China being at the top. This dependent china’s large population.

Source: Wikipedia

Vodka’s and Champaign’s are consumed occasionally in Russia and the time and urge for drinking differs from persons’ to persons’.

Based on my first-hand experiences living in Russia for over 2 years, and with the statistics above, anyone can now say “Russians drink more Tea than Alcohol!

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