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Registration in Russia is one of the things people often neglect the first things first when they visit Russia for the first time.

They only begin to realize what they should have done on their entry into the Russian Federation when the begin to face immigration problems.

Out of experience, we have put together the first things you need to do on your entrance into Russia.

Wether, you’re on student, tourist, visiting, or working visa. This also applies to you.

Breaking immigration laws in the Russia Federation is a punishable offense.

Immigration card

On your entrance into Russia from any of the airports in Russia.

The data page of your passport will be scanned into their database system.

Immigration card will be giving to you.

This Immigration card can allow you visit countries like Abkhazia, and Belarus via train or domestic flight.

Do well not to misplace the immigration card.

First things to do while in Russia

One you have been cleared from the airports immigration the next thing you do is to change your basic travel allowance BTA into the Russian rubles.

They’re banks in the airports in Russia that does the exchange.

Advice: do not exchange dollar to rubles with a random exchangers. They’ll swindle you. Only exchange at the bank.

Registration for the tourist visa holders.

Ones cleared from the entrance immigration point, exchange your basic travel allowance BTA which is in dollars to the Russian rubles.

Pick up an airport taxi, hand the address of the hotel reservation you booked prior visiting Russia to the taxi driver.

The taxi will take you straight to the hotel.

If you have a special pick up arrangement that’s fine.

The hotel will demand your passport with a valid visa, and the immigration slip that was issued to you at the airport immigration point of entrance.

With this, the hotel management will then register your presence in their property.

Registration for student visa holders.

The same as for student visa holders.

In this case, you do not need to drive to a hotel booked prior. As hotel reservations aren’t one of the criteria for a student permit to be issued prior to visiting Russia.

Pick a taxi surf straight to the school and submit all the necessary documents to the school authority.

They school will give you a pass that will allow you move around in the city free from police checks. While your documents are being processed.

After that you can either choose to be registered in the school hostel or rent a private apartment.

If you’re going to rent a private apartment, your landlord will need your passport and immigration card issued to you at the immigration point of entry to register you in his property.

If you arrived late into the Russian Federation and could not possibly make it to the school, you can choose to pass the night in a hotel.

Meanwhile, schools in Russia often have a special pick-up arrangement for its international students.

Note: Registration while you’re already in the Russian federation, is also application to all class of the Russian visa.

Registration for working visa holders

Holders of Russian working visa/permit also go through the registration aswell.

In this case, the employer takes care of the necessary registrations and documentation for an employee. Including, registering you in an apartment.

Registration in an apartment

For foreign students in Russia who wish not to live in the student hostels, can rent an apartment outside the school.

In this case, the landlord will need your passport and your immigration card to register you on his property.

Reasons why the Russian govt deemed the registration necessary.

Previously, there was a terrorist attack in Russia. Most notably the September 1, 2004, Beslan school massacre.

For this reason The Russian government deemed it a must that every visitor and every Russian citizen must be appropriately registered wherever they live and work Russia.

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In order to have easy control over security threats and traceability.

Note: If there is need to change apartment, you’ll also have to be registered by your new landlord.

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