One cultural experience that surprised me in Russia: Russia is one of the countries in the world that has a lot to offer cutting across its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Russia over many decades has done so well in preserving its cultural and historic heritage from deteriorating.

One of the things i have experienced in Russia is that Russians are good in preserving their culture and tradition, they love it, they praise it, they protect it.

In this blog, I’ll write exclusively on one cultural experience that surprised me in Russia.

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Some people would refer to this as a cultural shock, but in my opinion, I’d call it a cultural surprise, a fun-filled experience. Because I never expected I’d experience such a beautiful tradition still preserved in modern Russia.

And some of the traditions I have experienced here in Russia have common similarities to our African culture. This really got me surprised like wow!

Nevertheless, with much being said already, let’s dive into the photo talks as I walk you through one cultural experience that surprised me in Russia.

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Masquerades are one of the cultural experience that surprised me in Russia. This surprised me, and I know it will surprise you too.

Masquerades? Yes, masquerades you read it right. That was a surprise to me too. I never thought I would experience such culture similar to the African culture in a country like Russia as we often think otherwise. But they often say ‘travelling is part of Education!’ But I’ll add fun to that.

I experienced this in Russian Moscow, on the day when Russia celebrates the end of the winter season and the beginning of the new spring season.

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In Moscow, a beautiful setup is made depicting the medieval Russian time with its medieval cultural heritage and artifacts on display for everyone to see.

This day is often fun-filled and people walk around taking photos, dancing around, little children playing, and having fun seeing what the medieval time looked like.

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Below is the photo of me sitting right between and in front of the Russian masquerades with few other Russians posed with me in the photo.

African in Russia
Photo by: Elena Razumowskaya for

Below is another photo of me warming up my palms from a wood-fire. Local things we also do in Africa during the cold seasons. Haha, but no maize and pear beside the fire as we do in Africa!

The man in the red winter wear sitting in front of a wooden house depicts a local village shop owner selling herbs, tea recipes, and Milk.

African in Russia
Photo by: Elena Razumowskaya for

Here, Is another photo shot of me with a Russian man dressed as a medieval Russian Soldier (Russian Streltsy) holding a Medieval Russian Bardiche blade. On the cross-legged table are also medieval Russian military protective helmets on display. A man looking to test them on in admiration.

Just on the floor before us is a wheeled canon and behind us is a setup of a medieval wooden house.

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The furred cap, red woolen overall, and blue is the winter uniform of the medieval Russian military shooters(Streltsy).

Augustine with a Russian man dressed in a medieval Russian military uniform
Photo by: Elena Razumowskaya for

Below is a photo of Elena Razumowskaya in a photoshoot with masquerades. These masquerades look too similar to the African masquerades. It was snowy on that very day.

Elena Razumowskaya in a photoshoot with masquerades during winter send of in Moscow
Photo By: Augustine for

Olga (Mother) and Misha (Son) sitting in front a masquerade in Moscow. I’m the camera man.

Olya and Misha during the winter send off in Moscow
Olya and Misha Photo by Augustine for African in Russia

Elena Razumowskaya posing close samovar, an ancient Russian golden teapot.

Russian's celebrates sending off winter Photo by: Augustine for
Photo by: Augustine for

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us the interesting culture in Russia. Despite our modern diversity, It is so impressive to know there are advance countries that still keep its heritage alive.

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