How to start an effective conversation with Russians Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How to start an effective conversation with Russians

Moving to Russia without the knowledge of talking in Russian would be a huge setback for you in Russia. Although, with the help of Yandex translate and Google translate you can be able to communicate. But would you often rely on translators? That would be a bit awkward That’s why it is important you know the few basics of how to start a communication with Russians. It will really save you time.

So with a few things being emphasized already, I will show you how to effectively start a conversation with Russians. Although this will be inclusive of friendly Russian words that will help you to get their attention and start an engaging conversation with Russians.


Ok, let’s assume you just moved to Russia and it’s difficult for you to find the route to your destination. You need to ask someone for helpful directions. But there will be a big challenge, the language barrier. Even though you might want to use a Yandex translate or a Google translate. You still need to know how to call the attention of the person you want to ask help from.

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So how can you do that? the question brings us to some Russian friendly words you can use to call someone’s attention in Russia.

Why you’d want to start a conversation with Russians?

Well, if you’re new in Russia, you’re definitely going to need a lot of help from Russians to help you do things that would be a bit strange to you. That’d be until you begin to adopt and getting conversant with the language and the way things work. But you shouldn’t worry much, it’s a normal thing for every first-time visitor, except you have the knowledge of the Russian language.

How to properly start an engaging conversation with Russians

Prevet pronounced as Previet (Привет)

This simply means Hi but saying prevet to a Russian you’ll mostly get ignored at first. But the more suiting way to properly get the attention of Russians is to add Pashalsta which means, please. For example, Prevet Pashalsta or you can simply say Pashalsta omitting the Prevet. This will instantly get the attention of any Russian then you can immediately ask him/her your question(s).

Kak Dela (Как дела)

When you have gotten the attention of the person you want to ask the question(s), the next thing to ask is kak Dela (Как дела). This is an informal way of asking someone in Russia how’re you. But if you want to be more formal you can say Kak Uvas? (Как увас?), he’ll then reply Normala (нормально) which means Normal or I’m fine. Then you can go ahead and ask your questions.

Meanwhile, if you can’t engage him in the Russian language, use any of the language translators Yandex translate or Google translate available on Android and Apple smartphones.

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Spaciba (Спасибо)

After he/she might have helped in providing you with valuable answers and you’re satisfied. Just say Spaciba vam (Спасибо вам) which means thank you or you can be dearer to say Spaciba Bashoe (Большое спасибо) which means thank you very much and in return, they’ll say Poshalsta (Пожалуйста).

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This is a very good start, even when you’d want to engage Russians in a long conversation. The prerequisite is to know a few Russian friendly words to start with, and how to use them when trying to call the attention of someone in Russia.

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After saying thank you or thank you very much. You can then finalize the conversation by saying Paka Paka (Пока Пока) which means bye-bye or you can simply keep it short by saying Paka (Пока).

But to be smarter or dearie, you should close the session by saying busdarol which means good health.

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