How to apply to Russian universities is often one of the numerous questions prospective international students asks.

Admittedly, Russian universities are among the top-rated universities in the world.

However, Russia has in total 741 universities across the Russian Federation.

Also, Russia’s higher education is popular overseas. With almost over 230, 000 international students granted admission to study in Russia every year.

Even more, The Russian Federation also has a scholarship program for international students sponsored by Russia’s state governments.

Also, for a Master’s degree, there’s a tuition-free program.

Meanwhile, you may want to compete for a chance at the OPEN DOORS website.

Clearly, Russian universities are gaining huge traction from international students from Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

Besides, many of the international students lack the understanding of how to apply to Russian Universities.

So, African in Russia blog has put together a general application overview process to help prospective international students know how to apply to Russian universities.

How to apply to Russian universities

Yandex or Google will pull up information about all the Russian universities.

However, you can as well lookup the universities available for international students on the official website about higher education in Russia for foreigners STUDY IN RUSSIA.

Send the university an Email. Mostly, for inquiries regarding their admission period, courses, tuition, hostel, admission letter, and visas.

The school will then reply to you and feed you with the necessary prerequisites for international students.


The translation of the documents is to should be with renown translation agency.

The translation should only be if the school demands it. Though, in some ocaasion, it isn’t necessary.

Your passport should be valid for minimum of 18 months from the issue date of your visa.

Your passport should have at least 2 blank pages.

The Russian Embassy does not condone a third party. That is, the use OF THIRD PARTY visa agent to secure a visa. In the name of non appearance visa.

Using a third party agent will immediately disqualify you.


All visa applicants must be present in the Russian Embassy.

So you do not need an agent to get any of the Russian visa including students visa.

See the Russian government scholarship for Nigerians.

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  1. Please us the website real?
    They're requesting for 125k rubble for commitment fee/service charge.

    1. Who is asking you for 125k Ruble for commitment/Service Charge?

      Please send a screenshot of your conversation with them where they asked for 125k Ruble for commitment so I can call them from here and verify.

      Meanwhile, I haven't heard of such before.

    1. This what you should do contact the South Ural University Direct on and tell them that you tried to apply via the link they recommended on their south Ural University official site for registration of Govt Funded Scholarship.
      and report your ordeal to them.

      Nobody should ask you for such an amount of money for service.

      If you still need further clarification I can ask my wife to call the school and verify properly.

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