The cost of transportation in Russia for foreign students

The cost of transportation in Russia is considered the cheapest compared to other European countries and Eurasia.

Russia is the largest country in the world by land mass, covering 17 100 000 км².

Possessing such large landmass could have created difficulties in travelling around Russian.

But thanks to the Russian transportation system which provides travelers with cheap options to travel around the country.

Travelers and tourists rates Russia to be one of the countries in the world with the best and cheapest transportation systems.

It is even very easy for a first timer to easily surf around Russia and it’s vast territories.

Mode of transportation Options, and costs

By Taxi

Taxi is one of the options for travelers, tourists, and students to travel around Russia. But this is one of the expensive modes of traveling in Russia.

Although, travelers often make use of a taxi service for security and privacy purposes.

There are a hand full of taxi service in Russia with with either a fix price or price/meter.

The cost of transportation in Russia, from Domodedovo airport in Moscow to the city is expensive. It ranges from 1200rubles to 1600rubles.

It is advisable to order a taxi service from a mobile app.

The Most reliable and commonly used taxi services in Russia is Yandex, Indriver, Citimobil.

Please see our top 3 affordable taxi services in Russia

By Air

Travelling by air in Russian is also one of the ways on can travel a long distance in Russia.

For instance travelling from Russia’s Capital city, Moscow to St. Petersburg is a very distant journey and could be boring.

The driving distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg is 710 KM which will take approximately 8 to 9hours.

By train is 7 hours 40minutes.

On foot is about 145 hours depends on how fast one walks, could be lesser or more.

If you’re buoyant enough and have a fat wallet and do not not want to sit for a long time in a taxi, or train then travelling by a air is the best option.

The Cost of local flights ranges from 6400 -11000 rubles. This isn’t a fixed price as the cost of the flight is dependent on forex.

The cost of Transportation in Russia, I little more cost-effective. But if one is buoyant and want a speedy Transportation in Russia then travelling by air is a good bet.

By Bus

Travelling by bus is one of the cheapest option to travel around Russia.

There’s also options to either travel by buses on fixed root, trolley-buses, trams and regular buses.

Students can reach the city from Moscow by Bus for as little as 55 -155 rubles.

By Minibus 75-150 rubles. By Aeroexpress 375 Rubles.

Transport fare is often lower in smaller cities compared to Moscow.

Transport fare by buses ranges from 30 to 55 rubles depending on the city.


By Train

Travelling in Russia through the subway is generally the cheapest way to travel around Russia.

Russia boosts of a wide coverage of subways connecting the whole country. It has both underground and surface rail connections.

Moscow, Novgorod, Nizhny, Kazan, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and St. Petersburg has subways.

The cost of travelling through the subways in Moscow is 55ruble more or less.

In St. Petersburg it cost 55 rubles, Yekaterinburg- 35 rubles, Kazan-30 rubles, Tomsk- 22 rubles.

The cost transportation of a little bit higher in bigger in cities.

For instance, a high speed train can take you to Yekaterinburg from Koltsovo for 72 rubles.


Do not contract the services of a regular or private taxi drivers. They’d rip you off with a higher than normal charges.

Tickets can be bought at the Aeroexpress desk or box offices at the Moscow Airport. But to save money buy the tickets online it’s cheaper.

Discounts for full-time students

Travelling around Russia with student social card is cheaper than a regular travel pass.

This student travel pass is iisued by the institution. After recieving you student card, they’ll immediately issue the travel card.

On Public Transportations, students who are enrolled on full-time study in Russian unoveristies can purchase passes at discounted prices.

Note, the discounts isn’t applicable to fixed route taxis. Student are expected to pay in cash, via POS or cash transfer.

You can as well buy regular passes at different rates. The more trips the less you pay for each.

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