Before traveling to Europe, they’re things we often neglect. Clearly, this thing we neglect to do before moving to Europe subsequently would become a bottleneck.

Out of experience;

We have made a list of what to do and a few things to know before traveling to Europe.

If you’re planning to move to Europe. It is important to know these few things before traveling to Europe

Clear your head off

Clear your head off that stereotype that in Europe money grows on trees.

Free your head from the general thought that all Americans and Europeans are rich and do not experience hardship.

Know this; poor people are everywhere in the world. They also need to work to earn a living just like any other person.

Statistics have it that there are over half a million Homeless American citizens. Although, America is relatively a wealthy country base on international standards.

The poverty level in America stands at 11.8% ( 38.1 million people) are living in poverty. But the fact remains that the standard of living isn’t comparable to ours.

Also, statics state that Switzerland has 600,000 people affected by income poverty.

Learn a skill

Before you travel to Europe, America, Canada, UK, etc. Learning a skill is paramount.
It is advisable to learn one or two skillsets.

This would help you during the time of your propagation in the country.

Oftentimes, someone would want to help you out with a job. If you do not have a skillset finding a job for you would be a bit difficult.

Countries like Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Russia, and others are often sourcing for skilled workers from other countries. So, learning one or two skillsets is a win-win for you.

Build a business/investment

Before you travel is awesome to have an investment back home. Have someone you trust to run it for you.

Do not have the fear that “they’ll liquidate your business.” Today, the world we live in is a global web.

One can manage any business from anywhere in the world.

This will be helpful in the long run. When you’re still trying to assimilate into your new environments. It will help in case you need something to fall back upon.

Study the country

Today, many people neglect to take into consideration to study the way of life, the social taboos, and the culture of the people of the particular country they want to move to.

This is very important to know. It helps you understand them and propagate swiftly with them. Meanwhile, knowing what you would expect in a country on your first visit is the beginning of your success.

Making a little research using google, asking people who lives in the country already. Above all, experience is better.

Let your decisions be yours.

People often want to visit a country based on what they see on television. Meanwhile, lost in the concept that the tourism industry of a country will never show you the ugly part.

We want also to visit a country because we know someone who lives there and he’s doing well and for that, we wish to visit that particular country.

The truth of the matter is we neglect the following;

Only travel to any of the countries you love.

We often times make desperate travel decisions influenced by the harsh economic conditions we have back home.

Meanwhile, traveling to the countries you love will really help you to easily propagate in the society of that country.

There’s a fulfillment of the soul when we successfully move to any of the countries we love.

When you’re fulfilled, only then can you be able to straighten the bottlenecks on your way to grab the opportunities. But in a situation where you move to a country, you don’t like that’s the beginning of your failure.

Complain, anger, wantings, had I known, will definitely fill up your head. Blocking your visions from focusing.
The next thing is you want to do, is to start making plans to move to a different country.

Time and resources wasted.

In conclusion: One can be successful anywhere in the world. This is dependent on the zeal and hardwork we put in doing what we love and getting fulfilments from what we love doing.

Advice: Do not be too desperate, only focus on moving to the country you love.

If you wish to live and work in a country stay away from tourist visas. Except you’re just want to tour the country and live when your tourist visa duration is due.

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Do not travel to a country because you have friends and relatives who often don’t tell you the real truth about their lives.
Note: No. 3 can be skipped if you do not have enough money to set up a small business as a back up before traveling.

Before traveling to Europe make your decisions worth it. Also know that it isn’t going to be easy through the adaptation.


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