Moscow Launches Male Version of Feminist Festival

Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

The team behind Moscow’s annual feminist festival has launched a male equivalent to field discussions on modern-day masculinity, reverse sexism and other issues men face today. Gender.Team, a group of activists, psychologists, political scientists and journalists, established the Moscow FemFest in 2017 to promote gender literacy in a society not used to openly talking about women’s issues. […]

The local Nigerian drink vs Russia’s traditional compote

Putin drinking Compote

The local Nigerian drink Zobo is a common traditional beverage in Nigeria. It is a very popular house hold name in Nigeria. That is to say, that it is very affordable. The local Nigerian drink zobo is a derivative of Rosselle flower Hibiscus habdariffa. Nonetheless, Rosselle flower is a specie of Hibiscus which native to […]

The amazing facts about Russia

The Amazing facts about Russia

Amazing facts about Russia, what are they? People often ask; What are the amazing fact about Russia? Is Russian amazing? Is anything really amazing about Russia? But, amazingly, Russia is an amazing country, historically, culturally and socially you just need a visit to be convinced. But for the case of specificity, i’d streamline this topic […]

Registration-First things to do while in Russia

Things You Mustn't ignore while in Russia

Registration in Russia is one of the things people often neglect the first things first when they visit Russia for the first time. They only begin to realize what they should have done on their entry into the Russian Federation when the begin to face immigration problems. Out of experience, we have put together the […]