Dwarfed mythical creature-Bush-baby
The Dwarfed mythical creature nick-named bush-baby

Bushbaby is one of the weirdest African folklore, every Nigerian child grows up being afraid of or even wants to experience base on the version of the stories.

Though, as a Nigerian child, growing up in Nigeria wouldn’t be much fun without folk tales, and weird mythical stories.

Though, Africa has a lot of folk tales, passed down from the elderly to the younger ones. In other words, passed down from generation to generation.

Nigeria has a notable stake in the animistic folklore songs, and folk stories.

In west Africa, being a parent or an elderly person little children expects you to be knowledgeable in folklore and story telling.

In the olden days, children often converge under a tree at night. When the new moon is born and set bright to listen to an elderly person tell the stories.

Usually, a grandfather or a grandmother or someone in the family that has the prowess in telling folk stories will often tell the stories to little children.

Also, most parents gather their kids in a hut and tell them beautiful animistic folklore before bedtime.

Most times, an African Lullaby or a folklore song is rendered to make the children sleep.

Nevertheless, children who have acquired much knowledge in the African folk tales can also tell the stories to their fellow as passed down to them by their parents or grandparents.

This is one of the reasons an African child living in the city often feels hungry to travel to the village. So that the grandparents will tell them lots of folk tales.

Meanwhile, a child may be appointed to tell the stories and after which other children may ask questions along with the storylines if they have one.

Also, the children will be asked to summarize what they have learnt from the stories so far.

Examples of most of the animistic African folklore are;

With all of the above, lets quickly talk about the weirdest mystical African folklore- The Bush-baby.

The stories about the Bush Baby is very popular African Folklore in Nigeria.

In fact, any Nigerian tries denying the fact that he’s/she isn’t aware of the African folklore- The Bush-baby. Please do check the identity of that entity he/she may not be a Nigerian.

The story of the bush-baby is one of the scariest African Folklore ever told in the history of Nigeria’s folklore.

Their’s 2 different versions of the stories about the human-like miniature (dwarf) creature that often cries like a baby at night.

The versions of the African folklore of the bushbaby are born out of cultural and ethnic orientations present in Africa.

A version of the African folklore of the mythical dwarf crying like a baby

It cries like a baby, to deceive its victim into thinking it’s a real baby that needs help.

And when one goes outside in trying to help the crying baby, the bush-baby will attack its victims and feast on their carcasses.

Therefore, we grew up having this fear when we hear a cat cry at night like a baby. We often relate it to a bush-baby. And quickly close all the doors, and run to refuge under the bedspread.

Afterward, when we wake up in the morning, the next question from neighbors is; did you hear the bush-baby crying last night?

Everyone who heard the cat cry at night would exaggerate their ordeals and how their hearts sunk into their bellies while they run to take refuge wherever seemed safe.

Of course, this was very scary until we grew up realizing it was just a cat, and not the mythical dwarfed bush-baby told in the African folklore.

A version of the African folklore of the bushbaby that carries a mystical mat that has the mystical powers to give riches

Another mystery story of this miniature human-like creature is that they often dwell in the evil forests where they roam carrying a mystical mat.

Some ethnic orientations in Nigeria believe if a person is able to overpower the bush-baby, take the mystical mat, the person will eventually become extremely powerful and wealthy.

Sometimes we believe in the later. We often wish to meet the mystical bush-baby, overpower him, take the mythical mat, become powerful and wealthy.

Thoughts of a child.

Moreover, stories are somewhat stories are to instill fear in children so they won’t keep late-night. It creates a ring back tone of caution in the mind of the children to be aware of their environment.

However, parents doesn’t need to remind their children that it’s time to return home from the village square play ground.

As the night falls, the scary stories would often remind us it time to start going home.

Besides, snakes, scorpions, and other dangerous animals crawl and creeps at night, and would harm a child. So parents often devise a means to tell their children such weird stories to keep them in check and return home before the night falls.

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Beyond that, they’re people who believes in the mythical dwarf creature – Bush baby.

Nevertheless, they believe this folklore to have been in existence sometimes in the Era of our fore-fathers.

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