Free things are hard to come by these days, but in Russia, citizens can easily access quiet a handful of services for free. Though, few of the services may require a small amount of money.

Free education, free housing, free medical services, free transportation during holidays can be accessed absolutely free in Russia.

Now without wasting much of your time lets emphasize on the few free things available in Russia as mentioned above.

Free Education

The education system in the Russian Federation runs through kindergarten, primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

All levels of education mentioned above are absolutely free for Russians. If one desires to access a second higher education in a different field of study would have to take responsibility for the tuition fee.

Whereas in the Kindergarten level parents only needs to take responsibility for paying for their child’s meal which could cost less than $5.00-$7.00 USD.

At Universities and college-level one only need to pay for the meal and hostel accommodation. Hostel accommodation could cost as little as $17.00USD a month.

Books from the university libraries are absolutely free, freshmen receive about $7.00 USD, after a successful examination there is an increment in the stipends about 3,000 rubles/ month.

Other nationals can also access free university education in Russia, which is fully funded by the Russian government through scholarships.

Free Medical Services

Russian citizen have access to over 85% free treatments of diseases and ailments in any state hospitals. The only feasible limitation is that some diseases requires to be treated with foreign medicines. In this case you have to pay 50% of the bill to access the foreign medicine and services, while the State pays the other 50% to cover for the bill.


Free housings in the Russian Federation can be accessed by legal citizens of the federation for free from four sources.

One can buy a house at a very unbelievable small amount of money. But these houses sold at these extremely low prices could be a house in entirely deserted villages or places that receives lesser investment interests. Houses can also be bought through auctions as low as $35.00 USD.

A reasonable number of organizations in Russia provide houses for their employees. After a period of 10 years working with the Organization, the employee becomes the legal owner of the house. This is based on the agreement entered between the employer and the employee.

The state provides housing available for citizens who are orphans. Free land, building materials are also made available to poor persons and orphans who are in need of shelter.

If a Russian citizen have more than 3 children and is not rich enough to acquire shelter, or build a house also receives money, land and building materials to help them build a house.

Everyone knows what charity organizations stand for. Charity organizations have helped a lot of people in the world in raising funds for housing, medical treatment, and the provision of basic or social amenities across the globe. The scope of charity organizations in Russia is not different from what it is elsewhere in the world.

One can always source for help from a charity organization when the money, land and building materials provided to them is not enough to build a house of their taste or when they cannot afford to pay their part percentage in accessing foreign medical services as was stated prior above.


During the holidays like Christmas, Easter, New year “Novigod,” old New year “Starry Novigod,” Victory day “Pabyeda,” anyone in Russia regardless of your nationality can access government transportation for free.

Internet Wifi

WiFi internet services are commonly made available for free in Russia. Signals can be picked up in places like; children’s playgrounds, leisure parks, basketball, and football court.

A smartphone device can receive signals from 3 different internet WiFi services for 100% no service charge. You just have to make a choice of which of the service providers you wish to connect to and surf the net unlimited.